Fresh AF Staff: Good afternoon Mr. GUAPO THE DON, can I call you GUAP? How are you today?

GUAP: Yea GUAP is cool, everybody calls me GUAP. I’m good — how you?

Fresh AF Staff: fine thanks for asking. We are so glad you answered the phone to speak with us today, from what I hear, you don’t do press or even speak with media for that matter; Other than the most obvious reason, why is that?

GUAP: All good. Its not about me its about my label and the artists I represent.

Fresh AF Staff: could you give us a little background on where you’re from and how you got started in the music business?

GUAP: I’m from the trenches. Real right n*gga that never moved left. Got started in the business managing the late great Lucciano Da G. He was the first artist I ever managed and the first artist to officially sign to the KMC label.

Fresh AF Staff: Rest in Power to Lucciano Da G. He was certainly a very talented artist. Geographically, where are you and your artists from?

GUAP: I’m an East Coast n*gga. I’m from a lot of places but my roots are North Eastern NC. The 252. We from the poorest section of the entire state. No major cities or tourists attractions no pro ball players or huge sports teams just poverty and people striving everyday to make a better way for their families ya nah mean.

Fresh AF Staff: could you provide some insight on how being from where you’re from impacted you? With that being said, its only natural for people to want to get to know the boss that sits at the throne of King Music Corp; especially with all the success the label is having this year and the tremendous amount of momentum your label has going into 2022. If I may, for the most part, you’re like this huge mysterious celebrity figure that everyone wants to know more about; so how are you able to manage such a low profile being such a huge figure?

GUAP: Its like, when I look around me, I see despair, people with hopes of getting out but no way out. Instead of allowing it to paralyze me, it motivated me at a young age. I for one, was one of the few that had a vision and the ability to create opportunities for myself so that I could eventually create those same opportunities for others. Ya know what I’m saying, and I get it. The people will know what they need to know in due time. For now — I just want all the focus to be on my artists and the label. I just mind my business and stay away from the foolery.

Fresh AF Staff: wow man that is powerful! I want to say thank you for being you and for all that you do! So, how does Mr. GUAP live, what does he drive, is he married, family, kids etc.?

GUAP: Appreciate that. All I can really say is that I’m blessed. I live very good. Half a million dollar home sitting on an acre in a waterfront community, foreign in the drive way, and I keep everything else under wraps. But I’m very blessed.

Fresh AF Staff: Amazing! Real success story. So how long has KMC been around and what made you create the label?

GUAP: KMC has been around since 2007, but officially since 2018. I created the label to give artists a sucka free platform — you know- a place for real n*ggas to talk that sh*t and not have to worry about being controlled, scammed, black balled or not having a way to move through the industry correctly. I wanted to provide leadership, dope talent and most importantly be an example of how a label is supposed to function.

Fresh AF Staff: Ok ok, let’s get into the reason we brought you here today, “KMC”, for those that don’t know, who are the artist’s on the label?

GUAP: You got Playboy Poppy, Tonio Dollaz and we just signed Otyoungtae. We have three artists right now.

Fresh AF Staff: could you tell us more about the artists and what you guys have planned for 2022?

GUAP: These artists on my label are the most talented artists I’ve seen. Each artist is different in their own way. We have so much material that will be released from videos, mixtapes to EPs. 2022 is going to be a big year for us. We have so much going on from Playboy Poppy headlining in Atlanta to CIAA in Baltimore to sponsoring the hip hop awards at the CMAs (Carolina Music Awards) in August. Its a lot going on.

Fresh AF Staff: could you walk us through what is was like seeing Playboy Poppy EP chart #24 on apple music top 100 charts?

GUAP: I mean sh*t — it was dope! So proud of my n*gga! I was like damn we up! All the hard work finally paying off in a major way. It was a good look for my state, NC, to have another artist to look up too and be proud of nah mean, like I’m proud to have him on the label!

Fresh AF Staff: whats next for KMC?

GUAP: We gonna keep winning. Billboard charts, platinum plaques and bigger bags ha ha nah mean. Sh*t, KMC The Team.

Fresh AF Staff: thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. It was an absolute pleasure and honor sir! Thank you.

GUAP: All good. Appreciate you to homie. Stay up.




Started out as a single journalist from the greater NYC area, now a full fledged magazine company covering sports, music, and everything " Fresh AF".

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FRESH AF Magazine

FRESH AF Magazine

Started out as a single journalist from the greater NYC area, now a full fledged magazine company covering sports, music, and everything " Fresh AF".

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